Welcome to Strandhill, a village in the northwest of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. It's where we live & where we're working hard to make changes in our community & beyond.

Folk'n'Crafty work with community members, local businesses and other organisations to rescue "waste" material before it ends up in landfill. After careful processing, these materials are upcycled into new, functional goods that are ready for adventure.

deconstructing the seams of a decommissioned Patagonia hiking jacket for usable fabric zippers and other hardware


The "waste" materials we use arrive with a rich backstory, proudly bearing scars of past lives.

We reincarnate these materials into functional new forms that honour their heritage and fight for the future.

Rethinking our understanding and perception of resources and waste has never been so important...

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  • Waste or Wasted?

    We throw "away" without acknowledging, or importantly - taking ownership of, where "Away" is. Scraps & offcuts that no longer meet a specific metric, form or function are decommissioned & discarded. We can pause to consider that labelling something as "waste" depends on the context...

  • New but not new

    We honour the origins & characteristics of our rescued materials by sharing their heritage of with each of our products - what they were, where from and with whom. Rather than a novelty, it's an invitation for us to pause and reconsider the material things we temporarily take ownership of...

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