Spotted a boat sail you saw in the skip at the local marina? Busted your foil wing beyond repair? About to decommission your old rain jacket? 

Found something that looks useful?

We might be interested!

There's a lot of potential out there - textiles, hardware and more - that has a high upcycling value for what we do. Before you consign it to the bloated debris fields of your local landfill.... consider giving us a shout.

deconstructing the seams of a decommissioned Patagonia hiking jacket for usable fabric zippers and other hardware

We're a small operation and so our capacity for storage has limits! As such we need to be careful with what we say "yes" to when it comes to donations and ideally we'd like to sight the material before committing.

We're interested in:

  • Metal and plastic hardware including buckles, carabiners, D-rings, cord-locks, adjusters, tri-glides, tension hooks, snap hooks.
  • Nylon webbing (20mm to 25mm wide is ideal!)
  • Climbing harnesses and hardware
  • YKK zippers in good condition
  • Kite-surfing kites, kitewings / foil wings
  • Windsurfing sails
  • Boat sails
  • All-weather overalls
  • PVC banners / signage
  • Life jackets / life vests

While black is always beautiful, super bright colours are most welcome - the more fluoro the better!

If you've got something you think we might be able to use for our products then please send a message via our our contact page, email or DM via Instagram @folkncrafty.